The beauty of our Pursuing God is captured through many avenues–words, nature, music, art and more. So, here at Pursued, one of my goals is gathering the unique perspectives of artistic sisters to stir the imagination and help us better see the beauty of God.

Denise is the first of these contributing artists.  She lives in a vintage bungalow in the country, filled with quilts, stained glass, antique furniture, and the rich beauty of laughter. She giggles as she invites me to sit on her plush couch, saying, “I’m a hippie at heart!”  Her love for her adopted son, her husband, and her God is etched into blue eyes rimmed with dark lashes.  She describes her story as one of Beauty from Ashes, and I’m so thankful to call her my one of my forever-friends. Denise and Becca

This sketch captures Denise’s heart transformation through God’s unrelenting pursuit–Life After Dark.


And this sketch captures who she is as a child redeemed and forgiven.

IMG_6797I pray that we see God’s pursuit of our hearts in fresh ways as we contemplate the insight and perspective of our artsy sisters in Christ.


Becca B.

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