Monday Prayer

Denise ArtIt’s Monday, my friend. Monday is the genesis of the week, the birthday of the next seven days, and sometimes the weight of all that needs to be done, of all that didn’t get checked off the to-do list over the weekend, crushes my spirit before my feet hit the floor in the morning.

I need Jesus. I need to remember how he pursues me through these muddled Monday mornings, longing to give me the gift of his peace and presence. All to often I forget him.

My friend Denise captures our need to lay aside the urgent tasks of the morning to pray, listen, and “wait expectantly” for the God who pursues us in the dark before the morning light.

So, let’s pray, let’s offer the to-do-lists to him before the day gets started and we’re tempted to press the burden of our tasks on our kids, hubby, or friends instead of sending them to the ears of our Savior.

Becca B.

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