IMG_7282Little E grabs her daddy’s hand and pulls, “Chase me Daddy,” she says, white pigtails flying, dimples pressing in. She turns and runs like a mini-marathoner, glancing over her shoulder to make sure Daddy’s close behind. He chases her, grabs her, and swings her high as she cries, “Down, Daddy! Down!” Just as her feet brush the pavement, off she flies, her tinkling laughter flying back on a breath of wind.IMG_7268

My daughter loves being pursued by her daddy because she delights in his love. Her daddy’s pursuit calls her to know and be known—it calls her to Love.

We humans delight in being pursued because we were designed to delight in God, the Pursuer of our souls, to be fully known, fully loved by Him. Yet our human hearts, full of fear and Self, often curve in on themselves. Then, blind to our father’s love, we tell ourselves lies: “He doesn’t care! He’s not really there!”

Then we run. We hide. We cover our weakness and shame with the pretty clothes of success, knowledge, morality, and money.

Yet God calls to us in the darkness of our hypocrisy, “Where are you?”

Where are you?

 The call to come out of hiding and into the Light. The call to live broken, dependent, and free before the God who knows our hearts and pursues us still!

Where are you?

The call to see the beauty of God in the midst of this tragic world.

But without Jesus opening our eyes, ripping off the scales, washing off the dirt of self-absorption and sin, we cannot see Him.

So, we must pray for new eyes, eyes that see the Beauty of Jesus pursuing us through the joy and pain of Life.

To that end, I’ve created Project Pursued.

Project Pursued is telling stories of the past and present with eyes attune to the grace and beauty of God’s pursuit, though his footprints were unseen.

 I invite you to write with me, to create a tapestry of stories as a living testimony to the beauty of the God who pursues.

Drawing on Dr. Dan Allender’s helpful work in To Be Told, and what I’ve learned from the wise men and women at Christian Counseling Education Foundation, I include questions/prompts at the bottom of each post to help you begin telling your own stories. Simply scroll to the end of any given post and look for Project Pursued Prompts to get started.

May the Lord be gracious to us and give us the eyes to see Him more clearly as we examine the storyline of our lives.

Becca B.