Counseling at Redemption KC

We live our life story in a broken world, and sometimes it’s hard to see God at work in the midst of the suffering and pain we experience.

At times like these—we’ve all been there—we need help making sense of who we are, where we’ve been, and how God’s big story gives shape and meaning to the joys and tragedies of our lives.

At Redemption KC we offer biblical counseling that helps you connect your unique struggles and pain to God’s bigger story of rescue and redemption.

We believe that our biggest problem resides inside—we don’t love and trust the God who made us. We call our lack of love and trust sin, and in order to rescue us from ourselves, God sent his son Jesus to earth to die for us that we might live. Jesus’ death and resurrection gives us Hope for change and growth.


 For further information regarding counseling philosophy and session rates, please email us:

redemption kansas city at gmail dot com

Our Counselors: Becca and Jon Blomker




Becca holds Levels I, II, and III counseling certificates from Christian Counseling Education Foundation and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Westminster Seminary, PA. Becca and her husband, Jon, have been married 18 years and have four kids, three boys and a girl.

Specialties/Areas of Interest

With years of experience working with women in the church through small groups, mentoring programs, and various one-to-one contexts, Becca enjoys working with individuals with a variety of counseling needs, but has experience working with oppressive family systems, manipulative behaviors, struggles with identity and sexuality, depression, anxiety and more.

Jon Blomker


Jon holds a Masters of Divinity from Southern Seminary and is currently completing counseling certification through CCEF.

Specialties/Areas of Interest

Jon brings years of experience from the working world, and understands the struggles, temptations, and pressures men face both at work and in their more intimate relationships with friends and family. Having worked with men in a various contexts in the church, Jon enjoys working with individuals who have a variety of counseling needs. He has experience working with manipulative and controlling behaviors, oppressive family systems, struggles with sexuality and identity, depression and anxiety and more.