On Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

My love,

Yesterday was our fifteenth wedding anniversary.

We woke up at 5:45am to the sound of water splish-splashing in the bathroom and little E sitting in the sink washing last night’s sand off her toes. We burrowed under the sheets hoping for another wink but brother #1 stumbled into the bath yelling at E to “get out” because he had to “GO!” and a wet, whiny E banged through our bedroom door screeching, “But I have to go TOO! I’m going to PEA MY PANTS!”



So we hauled ourselves out of bed and you put the kettle on for coffee, like you do every morning, and I laid out the cheerios and honey for the kids so we could go for our morning walk around the block. We escaped out the back door for five minutes peace but every minute or so a blond head popped out the sliding glass door on the back porch yelling, “Are you done yet? When are you coming back??!!”


It’s our fifteen year anniversary and we aren’t driving out to St. Joe and our favorite Chateau because watching our boys fly around a track in silver spikes fills our weekdays and weekends, and we’ve learned that Love is celebrated every day in our home.

Love lives in the rhythms of our days—talking over early morning coffee, a kiss at lunch, a water-fight in the kitchen, a love-slap to the backside, and whispering daily “I love you, . . . just because.”

Love is opening ourselves raw, sitting with each other’s tears, and together turning to the One who Loves us best.

Love is dropping to our knees daily because our hearts are selfish, our kids drive us wild, and we’re weak and need grace just to keep our head above the crazy and our eyes on Christ.



Love is saying in word and deed, “I am for you, always.”

I love you, Jon Blomker, my lover and friend, Happy Anniversary!:)


Love, Your Wife

P.S. And since it captures us so well and makes us laugh out loud, here’s the poem our son wrote for us:


“I love your eyes,

I love your thighs,”

Jokes my dad.

My mom jokes back fast,

“You stink like a mink

and you run like

a funky monkey.”

They dine.

With wine.

They kiss and hiss,

Cry and die.

Together they are

To the end of

All the days.”



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